About Us

We Believe

We’ve always believed that when you want to make optimal use of space, you first need to master the light that shines on it.

Light is a fundamental aspect of life, and one that allows you to change the ambience and mood of any style of home or building in an instant.

Our goal is to help make that happen in new and unique ways.


Always Design Driven

As well as providing select standard offerings, we are the experts at procuring custom solutions for design projects of all shapes and sizes.

It’s something we’re passionate about as it sets anyone free to create their own unique look.

Thanks to a global network of manufacturers, onsite resources around the world, and more than 75 years’ experience, we can make it happen.


Our Promise to You

We pride ourselves on creating solutions you can trust from the moment you get in touch.

Through our uncompromising commitment to quality control and our expertise when it comes to risk assessments and technical details, you can rest assured that we have everything covered.

It’s a tried and trusted approach that allows us to deliver exactly what you want, when you want, and all for a price that’s right.


We simply wouldn’t have it any other way.