Moredesign, a company based in Padua founded in 2007, which deals with industrial design in line with market needs following the client’s requests.

Our experience allows us to offer all the creative and design contribution to companies that want to stand out by offering multidisciplinary design.

We follow the company and the product in all its development phases by applying innovation in the forms, tightening the designer-company combination giving the guarantee of the final result.

We have worked with the most important Italian and foreign brands and our products are present and exported all over the world.

We are able to rationalize an idea and always have a lateral thinking, with a single objective: to put man and his needs at the center of every project.

A collective of more than 10 designers that offers companies in any product sector global support for research and development: from brand identity to advertising, from industrial design to engineering. The product, services and company structure are analyzed to obtain strengths and sales arguments. The values ​​of the company become the protagonists of a continuous dialogue with the managers of marketing and research and development, and ideas no longer stop ...

Moredesign is the division of the group that deals with the conception of the development of new products for the industry. It faces a global market with creativity and a sense of observation, transforming everything that surrounds it into new stimuli. It follows the company and the product in all its development phases: concept, 3D rendering modeling, engineering, prototypes, industrialization up to quality control of the printed piece. It interprets the needs of the client and enthusiastically collects all the challenges. Applies innovation in forms by tightening the designer-company combination giving the guarantee of the final result.

Vassalli Associati is the division of the group created to tackle important communication projects. The art directors create the brand identity around precise predefined values. Everything is developed through catalogs, monographs, websites, packaging studies. Events, fairs and stands are created and managed, advertising campaigns, web marketing projects and unconventional communication, with guerrilla marketing actions according to the "viral" logic.


Products Include: