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Founding Philosophy

The founding pillars of the MyYour philosophy are the surprising stateliness of its products and the distinction of a manufacturing process, which is meticulously followed as to ensure perfection; from the development of the project to the selection of the materials, but also from the execution of the project to the attention and care that are paid to every single minimum detail along the way.

This is how the MyYour quality came to life. Read More 

Here is the irreverence of Myyour: Everyday is the missing seat in the overdone market of chairs. The master Bruno Munari claimed that in the world, "there are more chairs than asses." Why then draw another chair? There are already many good chairs, some bad, some comfortable, others a little bit less. So, imagining an object that would run from any style telling a little story, snatching a smile, I thought, how curious is that without distinction of creed or descent, each of us, every day sits down with satisfaction in a white ceramic chair. It’s in this chair we can forget the daily grind conceding us the pleasure of some frivolous reading or a reflection left in half.

Everyday is a manifesto: an invitation to take your time, every day!


Model M019S01-L1-27OUT
Everyday Seat


  • Individual Seat
  • RGBW LED Light Source
  • Remote Control
  • Power Pack


  • 31.5"H Height
  • 15.75" Width
  • 31.5" Length


Composition Technical Data


Poleasy PET

Net Weight

15.5 Pounds

IP Rating



Power Supply / Lighting Technical Data

Light Source LED RGBW Linear Light Strip.  2700K, 65 Lumen White  + RGB.
Power Supply Induction Power Supply (120/240 VAC / 50/60HZ to 12VDC) used for recharging Battery / LED Source Inside of Composition.  3.8W, 12V, 5Ah.  Charger is IP20.
Battery 12V Lithium Battery.  5 to 6 Hours Charge Time with 8 to 10 Hours Operating Time
Remote Control Wireless Remote Control for Setting Scenes and Programs through Composition